OASIS TAKE A BATH IN THE MIRAGE; BRIEF RESPITE FROM THE HARSH RRAYS OF THE ONTOTHEOLOGIST GAZE NeoAnachronisms in the contemporary progeny of the Arcadian Landscaping Tradition malachite, full spectral patina, rolling hills IN AN an exodus of nubile youths from soviet realist paintings congregating in the desert of the real WHERINthe idyls bourne of thier antithesis, the hyperreality of the grassy knolls, the dialectics of the fps game and the cartesian plane in painting. Doom Xp Bliss



(via bee-gerogerigeegeegees)

setup soundtrack: Aphex Twin selected ambient workks II

lighting controls are hell good

4 white desks, 3 beige tables, one white plinth, 4 hanging plinth things,

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